Travel Items for Backpacking

All of the items below I was able to fit in my Redwing 50 Liter Backpack* with room to spare for gifts and other fun stuff. I also could get away with bringing my Backpack on board flights as a carry on. Now that’s nice. Check out what I brought below. The combination of these items afforded me the ability to go Clubbing in Buenos Aires, Work as a Horse Outfitter in Patagonia, attend a Music Festival in Santiago and trek up to the Fitz Roy and across the Andes Mountains among many other things. Each item with an Asterisk I highly recommend you include in your travel backpacking checklist- I used them all the time or they were lifesavers in the clutch.

Camping Utilities
Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Hat*
Walmart Sleeping Bag*
Red Tarp*
Velcro Wraps
Bungee String*
Toilet Paper*
Yellow Cowhide Construction Gloves
Camelback UV Waterbottle*

Purchased or Acquired On Trip (Non Gift Items):
Grey Longsleeve Dryfit Shirt
Additional Pair of Shorts
Gaucho Artesian Belt
Down Vest*
Chilean Boat Shoes (Didn’t make it through the trip but got plenty of use)*
Gaucho Knife*
Gaucho Mate Gourd*

Paperwork Necessities
Small Key Locks (4)*
Regular Key Lock
Business Cards
Personal Quotes Folder*
Empty Paper Calendar Months During Travel for Notes and Plans*
Notebook Paper
Travel Documentation (Hotel Reservations, Flights, photo copy of credit card passport drivers license)*

Olympus Point and Shoot Film Camera*
Mini tripod*
3 rolls of film*
Disposable Camera (2)*

Oakley M Frame Sunglasses*
Ray Ban Style Sunglasses (Cheap)
Sunglass Case
Snorkel Mask and Snorkel
Glue Stick
Bike Chain
Airlock Bags
Nike Daysack Bag*
Hastings Daysack Bag*
Spanish Dictionary
Brand Management Book

Blue/Grey Collared Button Up Shirt (2)*
Pair of Jeans (2)
Pair of Brown Corderoy Pants*
Pair of Light Brown Khaki Pants
Padres Snapback Hat*
Swim Trunks*
Patagonia Water Resistant Shorts
Black Cargo Shorts
Athletic Shorts
Running Shoes
Marroon Dry Fit Tee Shirt
Red Dry Fit Turtleneck Longsleeve Shirt*
Thin Light Blue Longsleeve Shirt
Longsleeve Shirt (Thicker than tshirt but lighter than hoodie)*
Longjohn underwear*
Black T shirt
Brown T shirt
Smoky the Bear Only You Can Prevent Wildfires T Shirt
Grey T shirt
Coleman Waterproof Shell*
Field and Stream Thin Coat*
Dry Fit Box Briefs (4)*
Cotton Sox Ankle (3)
Cotton Sox Long (2)
Thin Sox Long (4)*

Got Rid of During Trip
Airlock Bags
Spanish Dictionary
Brand Management Book

Lost or Broken During Trip
Cell phone
Running shoes
Fake Ray Bans

Electrical Outlet Adapters*
Power Adapter with Surge Protector*
usb to lightning chord
usb to ipod chord
usb to micro usb chord
wall to usb adaptor (2)
AA Batteries (16 pack)*

Toiletries (Held in a 18” x 6” Ziploc Bag)
Hand Sanitizer (2)
Mosquito Spray DMT 90% (2)*
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Hotel Size Shampoo (3)
Hotel Size Conditioner (3)
Toilet Paper (travel style)
Facial Sunscreen
Soap bar
Rag (2)
Dryfit Towel* (was useful as a scarf many times)

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